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Heart To Heart

The Beginning of Breakthroughs

Luke 5:5 – “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets.”

It must have been a difficult night for Peter, a fisherman by trade. He knew the best time of the night to catch the best types of fish for sale early in the morning. Yet, he came in feeling defeated. His family would have to survive on the proceeds from yesterday’s catch. If he owned a fully operational fishing business, the costs of boat rentals and labour would have impacted his profits.

And here, when he was preparing to close the operations for the day, Jesus, who Peter knew to be a carpenter’s son, asked him to throw his nets on the other side for a fresh catch. It was only when he followed through with what the Lord instructed him to do that he experienced the boat-sinking, net-breaking breakthrough in the catch.

There is a need for us to realise that there is only so much we can do with our efforts; it is impossible to control the macro environment. It is when we align ourselves to Him and His Word and follow through with obedience and action, that we will experience breakthroughs in just about everything in life.

At the most crucial juncture when you are about to keep your nets, listen closely to Him and get ready to act when He says to do so. Obedience releases the breakthroughs!

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