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Heart To Heart

Recognising the Father’s Voice

My baby daughter woke up crying one evening. At that moment, we were both busy with something else and could not get to attend to her quickly.

So from one of the rooms, I spoke to her, Dad’s coming, give me a short while, ok? Just about immediately, she stilled, and when I got to her, she was scanning the area, presumably to see where I was at.

That moment caught me as I realised that it drew a parallel with our relationship with God. We can wake up to things happening around us in our lives feeling lost. However, how cognizant are we of His voice and presence in our lives?

Crisis and situations can come along our way and creep in at various junctures and our response to them has to come from an awareness of His presence.

As we mature in this regard, we will find ourselves in a place where we become just like Jesus in the boat in the midst of a storm instead of the disciples running around helter-skelter.

The demonstration of Jesus actions in the boat during the storm was not to showcase His ability as a heavy sleeper, but rather, the depth of understanding and connection with the divine authority placed upon Him by the Father. This divine understanding and connection that Jesus had was translated into His words, Peace be still, and the result was a stilled storm/sea.

How much do we recognise the Father’s voice? What is the depth of our understanding and connection with our divine authority in Christ?

Our very response to storms are a telling sign of both of these questions.

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