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Heart To Heart

Mutual Spiritual Sharpening

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17

Not too long ago, Wisma Atria shopping centre in Orchard Road had a glass tank that kept marine life that included sharks. It was only when they decided that the space would be better utilised for rental that the tank and its marine life was subsequently removed.

What fascinated me about that tank was its sharks. They were really quite tiny and vastly different from the ones we watch on “Animal Planet”.

Upon researching further into the size of these magnificent creatures, I realised that it was the restrictive nature of the tank that kept the sharks from growing into their full potential. Biologically, they restricted themselves to the size of the tank and over time, continued to remain miniature creatures that never got to growing into the sizes that they were created to grow into.

In a similar case, the glass tanks of familiarity and comfort can leave us to stick to the old: friendships, ways of approaching ministry and our priesthood, and because of this, we can end up stagnating in our growth. Given that we have to give an account on what we have done for Him at the end of the day, it is odd to suppose that same-old makes the cut.

Progression is a sign of a fruit-bearing life, and we begin our progression with our relationships. Warren Buffett said it best when he said, “Hang out with people better than you and you cannot help but improve.”


How are the people around you challenging you to grow into God’s fullest potential for your life? If they are not, what steps are you taking to surround yourself with those who can?

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