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Miracle Healing


I had been experiencing gastro intestinal symptoms including stomach pains, bleeding and rapid weight loss. There seemed to be no improvement despite much prayer, so I made an appointment for a scope on 12/3/2013. When I responded to the altar call at the deliverance and healing service, a dazzlingly bright white light appeared as I prayed. I sensed a very comforting and assuring presence, and thought how beautiful and amazing the feeling was till I was moved to tears. The light lasted for some time and then went dark. Right after that, a lady gave me a message of peace from God and someone else prayed for me. Later, Petrina got Ps Johnny to pray for me too. That day itself, I experienced zero symptoms. Still, that night, I prayed, believing and trusting that God would heal me and I commanded the affliction to leave my body as I recalled that my cell leader had said that we must have faith that God will heal when we ask and because we are made in the image of God, we have the power to command. Ps Johnny also said something similar at the healing service (and how he commanded his hair to grow, haha). Monday passed, and still no symptoms. Had the scope done on Tuesday and praise the Lord, the results were negative. God had healed me and I have not experienced any symptoms since. Thank you for all your prayers, and glory be to God for His goodness and love. By His grace I am healed. Hallelujah!

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