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Keys to fighting and winning your battles – engaging appropriately

Did you know that in combat, there are rules of engagement? For e.g., a fighter pilot in an F16 jet cannot be trigger-happy and fire missiles off to any target as and when he pleases. He has to seek permission from his commanding officer for each stage of the manoeuvre from pursuit to taking down the enemy aircraft.

There is an appropriate engagement that needs to take place whenever we fight our battles. My daughter’s favourite Bible story is on Goliath of Gath vs David. You know the story. David opted for a mid range weapon (slingshot) over a close range weapon (sword, spear) because he knew that his chances were much smaller if he were to take on Goliath who was much bigger and stronger in hand-to-hand combat.

Did he cheat? Absolutely not. It was a no-holds barred contest. There was no limit to the weapons that any of them could use. It was appropriate.

But what we need to take away in the way we engage in our battles in life is our approach to the battle. If we keep getting defeated with the same weapons that we use, it needs to be obvious to us that the tactic is flawed and needs to be corrected.

I learnt this lesson on a mission trip once when we were praying for a demon possessed man who was manifesting during the altar call. Several church members had to hold him down and were praying aloud in tongues over him. Some were even yelling “In Jesus name, get out of him!” Interestingly, this demon retorted and looked us in the eye with a blood-curdling scream, “Nooo! He is mineee!”

It was after half an hour of attempting that one of the members received a word of knowledge that he was harbouring unforgiveness within him and the team got him to let go and as an acknowledgement, to say “Jesus”. After a short struggle, he did, and went limp. The demon had left him. Shortly after, he got up and went around speaking in tongues and was delivered from his oppression. Hallelujah!

In the natural, as it is in the spiritual, we need to learn how to engage in our battles appropriately so as to win the ones that we are called to fight.

How are you approaching your battles today?

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