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Heart To Heart

How should we respond to different expressions of God’s power?

Each time I read about differences in expressions of ministry, the manifested presence or power of God, I have come to realise 3 things:

Firstly, we need to appreciate these differences because of the uniqueness in God’s relationship with us. God does not deal in cookie cutter style. He is a creative God! Elisha asked for Elijah’s double portion but he was not meant to be Elijah’s side kick; he had a unique destiny that only he can fulfill.

Secondly, we need to realise that these differences are an invitation to a pursuit of greater intimacy with God. Moses was a complainer who would have fit well with Singaporeans. Yet, despite his shortcomings, we cannot forget the relationship that he had with God: The awesome privilege of having the goodness of God pass him by. God’s goodness seen in someone else’s life is meant to spur us to desire the deeper things of God for ours.

Thirdly, we need to examine the fruit. There is a need to ask about the end result and not just the manifestation of the power. Elisha for example, had low self-esteem. He cursed a group of children, and two she-bears mauled them to death. It was a miraculous demonstration of power. But to what end? Was God glorified?

Most of us miss the main points because we get ourselves caught up with the manifestation or expression. We need to reflect on these points whenever we read His word or witness an expression of His power. May we continue to grow in Him!

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