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Heart To Heart

Hearing God’s voice in a noisy world

There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification. 1 Corinthians 14:10 (KJV)

There are lots of voices that we are exposed to every day and every where; each of them seeking to have a distinct influence over our decisions – Buy this. Sell that. Visit us. Cancel them. Use these. Chuck those. Fly here. Sail there. Take this ride.

The Bible advises us to be mindful of the voices present in this world because each voice has a significance and carries a meaning and purpose. Out of the millions of voices that we are exposed to each day, there is only that small number that our eyes and minds pay attention to.

Not all voices are God-honouring. Not all voices point you to the fulfilment of your purpose. There will be distractions and detractors.

How do you cut through all these clutter and stay on track with what God is doing in your life?

First, surrender your past. The Bible warns us about ourselves. We have desires that stem out of an area of hurt, lack, disappointment, frustration. If you have an abusive past, an absentee father household, cheated by someone who you have given your heart to, or opened a door to an area of demonic influence, amongst other things, these are avenues that create hindrances to your hearing and responding to His voice. This is also where we may allow ourselves to be swayed by and give in to voices that are not from the Father. Take the time to examine and begin by surrendering each area of weakness and hindrance to God.

Second, sharpen your discernment. Ensure that you are constantly tuned in to God’s voice. Learn from your episodes. When we make a mistake in our “hearing”, replay the instance and mentally rehearse to a different outcome.

Third, strengthen your understanding of Him. Sometimes, while we may get frustrated and wonder if He is listening to us, perhaps we should take a step back and ask – are we listening to Him? At times, silence may mean approval. Other times, it is a test of obedience in following through what we last heard. What does His word say about Him and His heart on that particular issue?

The world is about to get even noisier. But as children of God, we need to get sharper in our discernment and clearer in our hearing. Only then can we cut through the clutter of life and noise, and find breakthrough in what we are purposed to occupy ourselves in.

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