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Heart To Heart

“Choose this day whom you will serve…” Joshua 24:14

“Fickle-minded”. “Wavering heart”. “Indecisive mind.” If we take these terms apart and look at the common denominator behind their motivation when it comes to the things of God, we will arrive at a common thread – the issue of faith.

Most people, Singaporeans especially so, like the “safe” route. They vacillate between two (and sometimes, more) sides, hoping to get the best of both worlds without ever committing themselves to one. I recently met someone who goes to church but subscribes to other forms of religious beliefs for the reason “just in case this one works”.

The issue of not committing oneself to a spiritual course of action and being resolute in one’s thinking and actions stems out of a lack of faith. Faith therefore, amongst other things, is a resolve that comes out of what you believe. For some of us, our encounters with God can bring about that fierce resolve that will continue to burn no matter what circumstance we are in. We can be willing to even give our lives for it. For others, it may take time before we set our hearts and commit ourselves wholly to His cause.

Theology-to-go Whether it be a “microwave” or “slow-cooker” divine encounter, let’s pray for our personal and corporate growth in the area of being resolute and to stop wavering between two points.

Whatever we have heard from God to act upon, begin the journey and don’t look back. If it means crossing your river Jordans, cross them and don’t turn back to stare at the banks. If it means running from your Sodoms and Gomorrahs, don’t turn back to take a peek like Lot’s wife.

When we begin our first step in being determined, God will journey with us to complete it!

#grit #determination #resolute problem from His perspective.

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