Patterns and principles

The Bible is replete with patterns and principles. Not formulas.

God’s way has always been to work with patterns based on His principles. He does so because of how He created us to respond and adapt to His pattern rather than makw robots out of each of us through formulation. He recognises our unique characters and personalities and gives us room to explore and discover the depth of His goodness and grace.

As we dig into His Word in the Bible and we read about the different characters from Moses and Elijah, to Paul and even Jesus Himself, it behoves us to ask God “Lord, what pattern do You desire for me to pick up from what I am reading?”

This helps us to interact with the written text from a spiritual perspective and allow the Holy Spirit to work through in speaking to us as we delve into the material. God loves for us to read and watch our eyes glitter as revelation pours forth from His word into our hearts.

As we read our Bibles today, may our prayer be “Father, open my heart and mind to recognise and determine Your patterns and principles in Your Word so that I can align my life to Your word.” He will certainly be delighted to answer this prayer!