Miracle Healing

From Jeremiah Abdesh Singh

Previously I was unable to breathe through my left nostril for some time. About 3 weeks ago, I informed my Life Group Leader about the condition, and all who were present, including my wife, prayed for me. While attending today’s (26/5/2013) 8AM service, I received a miracle healing. During Reverend Ong’s sermon, he quoted Exodus 15:25–26 about how the Lord showed Moses a piece of wood when Moses cried out for potable water, and how the bitter water became sweet when Moses threw the wood in. The last part of the verses reads “for I am the Lord who heals you”. As I read the Scriptures, I asked God if I could have that stick or know of its location as I desired to take a dip to get cured. Right then, it was as if the mucus in my left nostril trickled backwards into my mouth, and a chilly breeze blew into my left nostril. After that, I was able to breathe through my left nostril again. I felt a sense of holiness and purity wash over me. I pressed shut my right nostril to test if I could breathe through the left nostril, and true enough, I could! Thank God for His healing, all glory be unto Him!