Living a fruit-bearing life 101

From the parable on the fig tree and the vinedresser, God desires that we live fruit-bearing lives and this requires us to live a life of repentance.

In our personal lives and context, there are fig trees planted in the garden of our lives, our hearts and our minds. Each of these “fig trees” occupies space, takes up our time and resources, but not all bear fruit in our lives. We can sometimes cling onto areas that are no longer fruitful and when we fail to cut them off, all we have are monumental “fig trees”. God did not call us to build a “fig tree” museum!

Clinging onto sentiments is an indicator of poor stewardship because they drive you to make emotional decisions without considering the consequences of not living a fruit-bearing life. “I was involved in this ministry 10 years ago”, or “God was moving in my life in this way last year”. Remember, that when new wine is poured into old wineskin, the wineskin breaks apart and the wine is wasted. What is God doing in your life TODAY and in THIS SEASON?

Dear friend, fruit-bearing is either facilitated or hindered by what goes on in the grey matter between our ears. Repentance is made up of two Greek words “meta” (change) and “nous”(mind), which essentially means – change the way you are thinking, and consequentially, living.

Let’s take the time today to reflect on the “fig trees” that you should retain, cut down, fertiliser, prune or plant.