H2H Inheritance, Value, Values  

Proverbs 3:35 The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the legacy of fools.

As a church that seeks to nurture a “generational DNA”, it makes perfect sense for us to understand what it means to build a long-lasting spiritual legacy. This requires us to grasp concepts like inheritance, value and values.

Encapsulated within this single verse in Proverbs lies these three foundational concepts. Within the contrast between glory and shame, belies a serious undertone of the consequence of one’s decisions in life.

The verse speaks about glory, which comes in many forms – to a victor in war, its spoils; to a runner, a medal. Those objects are the outcome or a result of one’s efforts. Glory can simply be translated as the value of an object. The terms “wise” vs “fool” speak of values, because values are what govern these individuals on the inside, setting them on a trajectory leading to an outcome on the outside. These values also distinguish them from one another. Indeed, a wise man’s values are very different from a fool’s!

Your values determine the value that you will inherit.

Food for thought: How do you plan to live your life? What does the next phase of your life look like? What values do you have to relook or readjust according to His word so that you can inherit glory?