Ephraim: Fruitfulness in the land of affliction

The names in the Bible serve many purposes to those who were given those names as well as those who gave those names.

Ephraim was a reminder to Joseph that despite Joseph’s afflictions, Joseph was fruitful. This is a powerful thought because whenever we are being afflicted or find ourselves in trials and tribulations, we get focused on a great deal of the negative circumstances and things that impact us.

One good takeaway that we can have from Joseph’s case is that we can seek God for fruitfulness in the midst of afflictions.

Our base line is that God is good and He is better than what you can think of Him. From this position, we can boldly come before Him and ask for fruitfulness in spite of our troubles, trials or tribulations. As He has prepared Joseph in times past, He will prepare and position us to be a blessing. And if He can bring blessings through you, He will bring blessings to you!