A Stroke Patient Wakes Up

From Carmaleela Kaur

I was on afternoon shift that day and was assigned to look after a 70-year-old lady who had recently suffered a major stroke. She had been unresponsive for a week. The doctors said there was absolutely no hope of her waking up, and I thought, this seemed like an awesome opportunity to share how our God is the Healer! Throughout my shift, each time I went into her room, I would sing prayers of hope, healing and God’s love over her. I spoke life over her and declared complete healing over her. I believed she would wake up, completely conscious and well. Her family came at 8PM. They asked me if she could hear them. In reply, I said, I believe that she was able to and that they should try speaking to her, because she just might come around. 15 minutes later the patient’s daughter ran out of the room and said, “My mother just nodded her head! Did you see that? Is that possible?” I said. “Keep speaking to her, that might help her come around.” Another 15 minutes later, she started to move her hands and feet and seemed to be trying to speak! 45 minutes after the family had arrived, she spoke! At 9PM, she woke up completely! Praise God! The doctors just happened to be doing their night rounds at that time and when they heard she had woken up, they were shocked, amazed and confused, all at the same time! All I told them was, “Well, God is good and miracles do happen! Praise God!”