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Happening this Week!

Defending Our Faith

Defending Our Faith 25 Oct (Sat), 3-6pm.  A special seminar targeted at helping us understand how to answer some of the tough questions on the existence of God and the reality of the Bible. Dr Richard Goetz holds a Doctorate of Philosophy, currently teaching...

Upcoming Events

   Defending Our Faith
25 Oct 2014 @ 03.00 pm
   The Heart of Worship
26 Oct 2014
   Welcome to our 8am service
26 Oct 2014 @ 08.00 am
   Welcome to our 11am service
26 Oct 2014 @ 11.00 am
   AGM 23 Nov 2014
23 Nov 2014 @ 02.00 pm
   XYQ Youth Camp: X-ONE8,
16 Dec 2014 - 20 Dec 2014
   Sign Up For Xmas Evangelistic Production
26 Dec 2014 - 27 Dec 2014