Deepening the Christian experience

We are not human beings trying to grapple with the spiritual experience but spiritual beings mastering the human experience.

Kings David and Solomon had a good holistic perspective of life, both having contributed to a few major portions of Scripture including Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon.

To a large extent, they embraced life from the perspective of what God had done, was doing in their time, and how He would be acting in the future.

From that perspective, David worshipped God. His worship was at that time, something that was revolutionary, extraordinary and unprecedented. Think about it – worship was very much centred in the Temple and revolved around offerings. But David danced before the Lord. He pulled the future of worship into his present time!

Personally, this is the paragon of worship: when we reflect a forward-looking perspective in the things of God, and continually set the stage for the things to come.


As carriers of hope and His glory, there is no excuse for us to withdraw and become a thermometer (merely reading the spiritual temperature without affecting change). Instead, we should exude the characteristics of a thermostat. The onus is really, on us!

Your perspective of God influences your outlook, worship, ministry, interactions with others, etc. To deepen our Christian experience, our perspective needs to change. And for that to change, you will need to dig deeper.

Perhaps we can all begin with the humble prayer – “Lord, I recognise a need to change in the way I view things. I want to grow into a person who not just carries hope and Your presence, but one who reflects that reality. Amen.”